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PRIMED | A Connected Perspective
Collect, Connect, Reflect.

Our mission is to improve the lives of change and compliance professionals by making it easy to establish a connected perspective, automate and orchestrate reporting, and deliver and record the detail through dashboards.

PRIMED for Digital Governance.

We offer platform based services designed to enable effective and efficient governance - quickly, easily, securely and cost effectively, and without the traditional associated challenges and overheads that would normally be associated with achieving comparable levels of efficiency and visibility.

Designed to provide an alternative to turnkey application development and cumbersome top down GRC systems and program reporting tools, PRIMED helps companies deploy efficient top down or bottom up digital governance as point solutions or repeatable propositions - quickly and easily.

Cost Effective


Entirely configurable to almost any insight and oversight use case, the service platform can be cost effectively deployed as a point solution, used to accommodate multiple areas at the same time and is also used by consultants as an efficient and repeatable way of addressing common insight and oversight challenges more effectively.



We make it possible to engage stakeholders and capture, retain and reflect detailed information about every element of the business - including interrelationships and dependencies. We can represent almost any single or multiple governance challenge. If you can describe it, it is likely we can deliver it. 


With secure oversight automation to manage the collection and review of information, what makes us different is our ability to enable rapid deployment of secure efficient governance, supported by interrogable user dashboards, mapping representation and gap analysis - rapidly delivering intuitive, joined up and cost effective oversight and reporting.

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How we work


We work with customers to understand the governance challenge – quickly and cost effectively build a connected picture of the governed or operating environment and map the rules, change or performance metrics that relate to it. We help companies lift the administrative burden of oversight, rapidly rendering results in a variety of configurable dashboards and reports that can be interrogated for trace-ability, transparency and referential integrity.

Who we work with


We work with consultants, governance and change professionals who want to deliver efficient and effective insight and oversight. 

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Based in the UK but working globally, let PRIMED help you achieve a connected perspective.

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We love to hear peoples' challenges and demonstrate how a connected perspective can help.