Lowering the cost, extending the reach,
and ticking the box of good governance.


Built to lower the cost and remove the perennial limitations of good governance, PRIMED is an agile oversight platform.


Regulatory governance can be complex enough without being compounded by the inconsistency of spreadsheet records and the obvious shortcomings of email orchestration.

In the end everyone accepts it would be great to manage oversight through a single dashboard picture that can be recorded and interrogated in the context the regulations or policies it relates to, and an environmental element that is its target. It would be great to have policy, calendar and event procedures that can be automatically initiated, easily monitored, and stakeholders suitably alerted if things fall out of line. In the beginning simply set out what needs to be checked, when, by whom, what the activity relates to and there you have it - policy driven oversight with rules mapping.




  • If you manage regulatory processes which involve the orchestration, capture, and processing of regulatory information; PRIMED can make every aspect of this easier and more efficient.

  • If you have a governance framework but recognise and realise that binary certainty and efficiency requires something more than manual governance and oversight; we can help you digitise that entire framework in PRIMED - map the lineage of the rules, deliver detail through dashboards, and record as you go.

  • If you do not have contract, supplier or document management and would like to see it joined up with policy driven procedures - this all comes as part of the package.

  • If you consult in the sphere of regulation you can digitise your IP with PRIMED, make your project run more effectively, and leave behind an innovative low cost and sustainable legacy of success.

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