When you live in the world of change or compliance you become accustomed to seeing a business like an Architect would see a building, in its constituent parts.

Breaking it down into:

  • The individual processes, assets, suppliers, policies and responsibilities that relate and interconnect with each other

  • An understanding of how rules and regulations apply to them

  • A tight inventory of planned changes and ensuring they have appropriate approval

  • The checks and balances to ensure it remains on plan and fit for purpose.

This is in essence the challenge that PRIMED is designed to address; and our mission is to improve the lives of change and compliance professionals by making it easy to establish a connected perspective, automate and orchestrate reporting, and deliver and record the detail through dashboards.


Design principles that we follow:


  • Simplicity and Speed in Uploading, Gathering, Connecting and Profiling

  • Everything to everything - inventory to inventory, rules, risk and responsibility

  • Flexible and intuitive creation and distribution of Workflow, Survey  & Questionnaires

  • Outcome and Action Status at a glance. Interrogation within a 'Click'

  • Any Scale, Any sector, Any Industry, Any Use Case with minimal configuration

  • Incremental Value from the 'Get Go', Exponential value as you 'Grow’.

The result:


  • A platform that changes the way change and compliance is delivered forever and just in that moment

  • Manage and record compliance oversight with greater efficiency and certainty

  • Reduce the time, cost and effort when managing change and demand with real-time ability and certainty

  • Manage discoveries, gap analysis and compliance change programs in a totally closed loop, efficient and effective manner.

Flexible configuration and easy upload


  • Configure your profile upload direct from a spread-sheet, survey or directly

  • Select what you want to connect, search what you want to connect to and connect one or all

  • See how your rules map and click to the detail behind any object

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Capture and manage responsibility, certification and availability


  • Create workflow and surveys easily for structured spot check, attestation, document capture analysis and review

  • Record outcomes with aggregated dashboards views and click through to see detail and history

  • Orchestrate and manage multiple workflows with calendar driven workflow initiation, automated reminders and escalations and action dashboard that allows you to see the progress of multiple governance workflows at the same time

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PRIMED for a Connected Perspective


  • Manage risk in its organisational and compliance context

  • Manage change and contracts in their operational and compliance context

  • Run oversight over everything and view everything in detail through dashboards.

Want to know more?

PRIMED assist with all of the critical elements related to change, regulation and assurance.


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