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PRIMED | A Connected Perspective
Collect, Connect, Reflect.

Our mission is to improve the lives of change and compliance professionals by making it easy to establish a connected perspective, automate and orchestrate reporting, and deliver and record the detail through dashboards.

Could your organisation benefit from a connected perspective?
What we do

Whether in the field of change, risk, regulation or business performance management, when there are many things to know and many contexts for which that information is relevant, the challenge has always been in knitting all of that information together in a way that it can be easily scrutinised and reported on, by subject and context and then be kept up-to-date. 

We are a software-based service business whose purpose is to help address this challenge.

If the subject is strategy:


We can help you track the impact and context of change relative to strategy, reflecting capability, performance or any other indicator relative to organisational entity, process, infrastructure, people, suppliers, and customers.


We can help you see the cost and impact of change in those contexts too.

If the subject is risks, regulation or business rule governance:


We can help you view and trace lineage and dependency right down to its lowest common denominator and view the aggregated and broken down status of each risk, regulation or business rule in the context of line of business, business inventory or the inventory category to which it relates.

If the subject business performance:


We can help you understand and apply the weight of importance and metric of measurement that will best reflect priority and status so that they can then be applied to different business elements and surfaced as an aggregated and categorised picture to guide business focus and investment.

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How we do it


We do this by making it easy to capture and cross relate all the many threads of information about the business into a coherent sustainable picture, mapping the information that you have, efficiently acquiring the additional information you need, and rendering this information into different reporting frameworks to provide aggregated, categorised, contextualised and interrogable views.


Then if required, by applying a simple automated process that enables you to engage directly with the relevant stakeholders, we offer a software based service to keep the information up-to-date.

Who we work with


We work with consultants and subject matter experts who have identified the information that they would like to see and the context in which it is important to see it, and bring it to life in simple, interrogable maps and dashboards.


We first provide an insight service, mapping and presenting information to deliver a joined-up picture that supports dynamic contextual reporting and that can also be interrogated to see the history and commentary that lies behind it.  


Organisations often want to keep this picture up-to-date and once the mapping is in place, it becomes relatively simple to provide a systemised service that can refresh and validate information and maintain a current up-to-date picture.

Get in touch


Based in the UK but working globally, let PRIMED help you achieve a connected perspective.

Request a Demo


We love to hear peoples' challenges and demonstrate how a connected perspective can help.

Cost Effective


Entirely configurable to almost any insight and oversight use case, the service platform can be cost effectively deployed as a point solution, used to accommodate multiple areas at the same time and is also used by consultants as an efficient and repeatable way of addressing common insight and oversight challenges more effectively.



We make it possible to engage stakeholders and capture, retain and reflect detailed information about every element of the business - including interrelationships and dependencies. We can represent almost any single or multiple governance challenge. If you can describe it, it is likely we can deliver it. 


With secure oversight automation to manage the collection and review of information, what makes us different is our ability to enable rapid deployment of secure efficient governance, supported by interrogable user dashboards, mapping representation and gap analysis - rapidly delivering intuitive, joined up and cost effective oversight and reporting.

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