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PRIMED | A Connected Perspective
Collect, Connect, Reflect.

Our mission is to improve the lives of change and compliance professionals by making it easy to establish a connected perspective, automate and orchestrate reporting, and deliver and record the detail through dashboards.

PRIMED for Operational Insight & Governance.

PRIMED is A platform based service for flexible, and efficient Operational Intelligence and Governance.

Offering simple and transportable information frameworks maintained without the traditional administrative overhead but with the power of a connected and up-to-date perspective. 

PRIMED for: 

Operational Intelligence: Rapid Discovery: Information Frameworks: Gap Analysis: Change Control: Business Reporting: Regulatory Oversight: Operational Resilience & Organisational Alignment.


No business, insight or oversight challenge is ever the same but there are common themes when it comes to the challenges of discovery, traceability and the maintenance of business, change & regulatory information in an up-to-date format. 

Whether managing strategy, change, regulation, continuous improvement or more than one of these things at the same time, acquiring the operational intelligence that is required and joining it together into a cohesive and insightful picture almost always involves an unnecessarily cumbersome and unwieldy sequence of tasks.  

PRIMED services and platforms are based on a highly flexible database technology that is able to collect, connect, compare, update, analyse and reflect business information from stakeholders quickly from a standing start. Turning spreadsheet information into structured, connected and up-to-date insight, that can be interrogated and represented easily, removing the overhead of requesting and chasing information, moving it through a process of analysis, recommendation and approval and opening the opportunity to maintain and monitor information simply and easily. 

PRIMED can collate and orchestrate information collection and presentation through almost any discovery and analysis process, present the information through interrogable dashboards, transfer information into your chosen BI reporting format or just deliver back the updated and augmented data in its original format through a short term or ongoing engagement to suit you.

Organisational Alignment:

Five Reasons Why People Engage PRIMED 

Economy: Clients estimate that over half of the time that they spend on the administration of a program is removed by working with PRIMED. 

Flexibility: PRIMED can capture, connect, update and reflect almost any business, regulatory or change information and is able to either process and return that augmented information or be deployed as a platform service on an ongoing basis. Its benefit can either be harnessed to accelerate and streamline short term projects and programs or drive efficiency and transparency on an ongoing basis at any scale. 

Transparency and Traceability: Being able to look into the detail and see information in its business, regulatory and strategic context opens the door valuable dimensionality that is required for effective and efficient oversight and insight. Whether understanding dependences, orchestrating responsibility, confirming adherence to rules or tracking the performance of the business against strategic objectives, PRIMED delivers both top down and bottom up insight visible from either perspective.


Consistency and Continuity: If you are a consultant and you want to be able to provide executable and sustainable value: Working with PRIMED opens the opportunity to digitise your approach without the traditional barriers and costs, deliver outcomes that are immediately executable and revisit and update progress as part of an extended offering. This gives customers the benefit of being able to immediately and economically execute and report on advice given and for the consultant to offer ongoing advice and assurance. 

Executive Presentation: PRIMED offers the ability to dramatically streamline and enhance the executive reporting and insight, providing a cohesive picture that can be interrogated, updated and acted upon.

Challenge Us

There is no need to always buy technology to yield the benefit of a PRIMED digital framework. It can also be contracted as a people based service. This allows a digital framework to be both deployed and maintained for the duration of a project for the efficient collection, collation and reflection of information for as long as you need it.

Furthermore, because most frameworks can be created quickly, we can show you what is possible before you make a commitment. In fact we welcome that challenge.

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How we work


We work with customers to understand the governance challenge – quickly and cost effectively build a connected picture of the governed or operating environment and map the rules, change or performance metrics that relate to it. We help companies lift the administrative burden of oversight, rapidly rendering results in a variety of configurable dashboards and reports that can be interrogated for trace-ability, transparency and referential integrity.

Who we work with


We work with consultants, governance and change professionals who want to deliver efficient and effective insight and oversight. 

Use Cases


Our mission is to improve the lives of change and compliance professionals by making it easy to establish a connected perspective, automate and orchestrate reporting, and deliver and record the detail through dashboards.

Featured Use Cases include:

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