Simple Governance Solutions for Complex Governance Challenges

Introduction to PRIMED

PRIMED is the platform that makes information easier to gather, and more efficient to record and effectively report.

An agile and secure cloud based platform, PRIMED can be used in simple one-off oversight exercises, to support compliance monitoring of multiple policies, to effectively manage change and much more.

Who is it for?

  • Any organisation with regulatory challenges, struggling with the high cost of oversight and the consequences of failure.

  • Any organisation wishing to move from this reactive stance to more proactive strategies.

  • Any organisation looking to effectively manage change.


How it works


Removing the inherent inefficiency of keeping records in the usual spreadsheets format, PRIMED captures the same information in a structured format and records it in its organisational, regulatory and chronological context; making reporting far more efficient and record keeping more effective.


An initial discovery phase quickly collates all disparate elements and processes - data, regulations, policies, processes, assets - and maps the entire Enterprise Architecture into an intuitive GUI that can pivot around any point within this 3D map.

From there, you can move forward with confidence - knowing that:


  1. From a top down perspective, regulatory oversight or change management strategies are fully joined up - everything is related in context of your business, with responsibilities and mutual impacts clearly defined. PRIMED empowers you to instantly view, demonstrate or test a full picture of your Enterprise Architecture, compliance stance or change portfolio. On demand.

  2. From a bottom up perspective, a comprehensive workflow embeds the required outcomes from day one - ensuring that everything is done correctly, at the right time, by the right people, and with a clear audit trail. From this baseline, PRIMED enables you to manage risk, model change, and grow with certainty.

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