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We are delighted to announce a formal partnership agreement

between Parker Neal and PRIMED.

PRIMED announce partnership with Parker Neal.
About Parker Neal

With years’ experience working of for: Big 4 consultants, the UK Data Protection Regulator and in regulated industry itself, Parker Neal’s purpose is to help organisations of all sizes manage cyber and data risk.

Enabling more informed decision making, and effecting business change in a way that dovetails with organisational strategy, Parker Neal’s experience of working in industry reinforces the importance of designing a governance framework in a way that streamlines, as well as augments oversight in order to achieve the optimal result without overburdening the business with administration.


With an innovative delivery model, the digitisation of the Parker Neal approach and associated controls using PRIMED enables them to offer a service that not only provides and an ability to discover, and analyse but also deliver and report with a level efficiency and sustainability that would not otherwise be possible.

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PRIMED assist with all of the critical elements related to change, regulation and assurance.

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