PRIMED for Operational Resilience Oversight

PRIMED - The solution for Subject Matter Experts.


With Operational Resilience being one of the top business priorities, PRIMED have been working with SME's to develop a solution where a business can quickly build its 'Map' and provide the oversight to keep it evergreen.


Watch this space as more detail coming soon.

Collect. Connect. Reflect.


  1. Identify and map critical services -
    To risks and supporting processes, assets and suppliers.

  2. Gather baseline data
    Collect data about functioning policy and regulation related to the business service.

  3. Set impact tolerances
    Assess how a disruption may impact the service and the business impact and propose impact tolerances.

  4. Scenario test
    Test the firm’s ability to maintain service delivery within impact tolerances in different scenarios.

  5. Ongoing governance
    Develop a testing programme and monitoring regime for ongoing assurance. Sign off self-assessment and change control.

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