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Strategic Change

Cutting through the noise and getting to the facts -

building a framework for orchestration and delivery.

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PRIMED for Strategic Change
Cut through the noise and get to the facts.

Those trying to effect strategic change consistently reflect a number of critical components that are required to enable successful orchestration and delivery, at the top of the list is complete visibility and traceable accountability. PRIMED offers a highly effective and efficient way of helping. 

PRIMED allows you to quickly create and oversee a picture of each individual components of a strategy portfolio and using easily administered email survey capture and present intuitive interrogable updates that enable stakeholders to cut through the noise and see the facts as they are delivered on a regular basis with minimal overhead or fuss.

Equally at home with small or large strategic change.


By way of example, we recently worked with a Consultant who was challenged with coming up with a long term plan to make improvements to a critical national public service.

Challenges addressed include:

  • A need to update the law, with multiple legal components to this and many steps that the legislation would need to travel through to before the goal was met.

  • Infrastructure technology that needed to be acquired and introduced and a protracted cycle of planning budget approval to move through to achieve this.

  • Significant organisational change to manage from and two and new consolidated organisational framework and a specific sequence which needed to be followed, dependent on other factors for their execution.

How PRIMED helped:

With many components fitting different categories, against which different stakeholders would need to report against - PRIMED offered a simple way of establishing the information framework and monitoring it.


This was a Public Initiative and for that reason some of the outputs from that exercise can be seen above, along with other indicative outputs, relating to commercial change and automation.

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