Simple Governance Solutions for Complex Governance Challenges

PRIMED for Procurement Consolidation


PRIMED can assist any organisation in meeting the challenge of bringing together the resources and capabilities of more that one procurement department, in order to deliver more efficient and effective services.

PRIMED contains within it all the standard functionality that you would expect to see in a contract and supplier management system; but also has integrated change, risk and resource management functionality.

Collaboration zones enable stakeholders to communicate effectively around a supplier, contract, or projects. Statuses can be surfaced and policy driven processes can be automated and recorded - all through simple, effective, interrogable dashboards. The resultant clear and joined-up view that your team enjoys removes any transparency and traceability obstacles that would normally plague these kinds of exercise.


Whether dealing with a large number of suppliers to ensure compliance to standard Data Protection type regulations / terms, or larger more complex supplier relationships, with associated KPIs, contract breakpoints and scorecards, PRIMED is flexible and extensible and can manage and report the status of all these things, lowering the cost, extending the reach and ticking the box of good governance.


PRIMED is a simple governance solution for complex governance challenges.


It is Agile and can be used as a single, short term governance platform or for large scale longer term governance challenges.


  • Capture and categorise supplier and contracts in a relational database

  • Map contracts, frameworks and suppliers

  • Capture the lineage of regulation, policy and risk to each supplier and individual contract

  • Automate the scheduling renewals, suppler reviews

  • Support scorecards and performance indicators

  • Capture complaints and issues

  • Align contract terms to policy and oversight

  • Manage change and continuous improvement with governance and collaboration, decision, cost and benefit capture and reporting

  • Capture running cost, change cost.

  • View and debate different operating models

  • Capture risks.

PRIMED is simple to use and flexible to consume, and is able to join different elements together under a single governance and reporting framework, making it possible for all relevant information to be captured as required, and shared and reported on easily and transparently.

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