Simple Governance Solutions for Complex Governance Challenges

PRIMED for Supplier Management


As the supply chain expands and the list of applicable regulations increases, companies need to be aware of the risks related to sourcing, and execute a robust supplier governance and compliance programme.

There is a need for certainty in responding appropriately to regulations related to:

  • The protection and usage of client data

  • The training of staff

  • Treatment of customers

  • Any number of more industry-specific or contract-specific governance requirements.

This can become a complex and cumbersome process if not addressed strategically.

At the same time there is also often a need to monitor the performance of suppliers against the delivery of KPI’s and manage contract renewals effectively to establish efficient and comprehensive, transparent governance.

PRIMED for Supplier Management is a simple governance platform that allows all these things to be managed in one place.

It lowers the costs and extends the capacity of a company to perform effective supplier governance by combining rules mapping and survey and workflow automation - and presenting the result through simple “step through” compliance, KPI and oversight dashboards.

PRIMED enables you to manage supplier on boarding and contract sign off, capture all the necessary detail about a supplier, categorise suppliers and align them to the relevant regulations, policies and performance indicators, set the frequency and automate monitoring and reporting protocols and present the results through configurable, interrogable dashboards that can highlight risks and deliver the certainty and efficiency required to ensure good governance and monitor best practice.

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