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PRIMED | A Connected Perspective
Collect, Connect, Reflect.

The rapidly deployed, highly secure, low code,

insight, oversight and reporting solution and service.


  • Strategy and Change
  • Operational Risk and Resilience
  • Compliance and Standards
  • Business Architecture and Process Improvement.

A secure and altogether more agile and effective way to deliver the insight and oversight that you require on a short or long term basis.

The rapidly deployed, highly secure, low code, insight, oversight & reporting solution and service.


We started with a design principle of being able to capture, connect and report on the attributes of any type of business inventory against any relevant change or regulatory component. 

But it is in the key principle of low code and simple configuration to enable rapid deployment that people find the biggest difference.


Organisations who care about business insight and compliance engage with PRIMED to establish short or long term solutions to deliver insight and oversight on strategy, change, regulation, standards & operational performance and improvement.

Consultants engage PRIMED for all of the above and to help differentiate their propositions, enhance their client engagements and build adaptable, repeatable offerings using PRIMED.

Securely capture and connect business information


Structured and unstructured any entity, attribute & characteristic - only that which is relevant!

Workflow to collect / update directly or indirectly


Reducing the burden of coordination and upkeep. Removing the risk of inaccuracy.

Rapidly deploy purpose built tailor-made structured and / or dynamic frameworks


A no-fuss way of providing secure, low cost, easily adopted solutions to Partners and Customers.

Reflect to provide insight and / or oversight


Access pre-canned reports and dashboards or benefit from the flexibility of BI tool integration.


Capture business information, relationships, characteristics with little fuss and maximum flexibility

Using the intuitive interface or distributing forms and questionnaires to stakeholders and information owners using the simple workflow / email tool, it couldn't be simpler and more efficient for you to stay on top of the information you need to do your job.

Stock or fully configurable reports and dashboards

Get your insight and / or oversight through a range of pre-canned or fully configurable charts and reports.


Integration into most BI reporting platforms enabling frictionless publications into business operations and executives

Rapid connection of relationships - get context quickly

With intuitive uploads, smart data capture forms and relationship builders - you can rapidly create and visualise any hierarchical or non-hierarchical relationship. Hugely important to contextualise any form of analysis because it's the basis of the question - Why!

Connect the processes, steps and define ownership to auto generate the process

Render the process maps simply in PRIMED by capturing the steps and owners and connecting the relationship between them. Use the same workflow to collect the information to check the health and validity of the process.

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Based in the UK but working globally, let PRIMED help you achieve a connected perspective.

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We love to hear peoples' challenges and demonstrate how a connected perspective can help.

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