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Meet the people

At PRIMED we believe collaboration works on the same principle as data -

connection can increment the value of all.

The PRIMED team
Meet Andrew ...
Don’t ask him who his famous uncle is!


Andrew Gadd is the Managing Director of PRIMED.


But if you really want to get to know Andrew then;

Our managing director was born in Bristol, but also spent time in South Africa and London, before finally settling in Manchester. He’s been a Spurs fan for 37 years and it’s fortunate that he doesn’t like the colour silver, because he’ll be waiting a long time for Spurs to win silver. Continuing the sport theme, Andrew loves playing Tennis, football, golf and getting out on his bike.


Andrew is a music fan and one of his early careers was as a DJ around Europe and the UK. You’ll know that old saying, “we’ll get a man in to do that” well it’s relevant to Andrew, please do not put a spanner, screwdriver, paintbrush or hammer in his hand because you’re almost guaranteed that it will be a disaster! And maybe another reason not to put a hammer in his hands, well Andrew is injury prone and has broken practically every bone in his body – so no motorbikes for him either. One of his big claims to fame is that he has a famous Hollywood uncle, but ‘no names’ given, but feel free to try and get that out of him when you meet. A family man, with two great kids, one of whom wants to run her own business and the other wants a music career and they have a great role model dad to inspire them.

Meet Chris ...
Thankfully he’s no longer a clarinet player!

Chris Whiteley is the Product Director of PRIMED.


But if you really want to get to know Chris then;

Mr Calm and Collected, but don’t let that fool you! This “Placky Scouser” was born on the Wirral and he’s a man of many talents! For instance did you know that Chris won acclaim for the role of Billy Liar in a drama competition – no acting required! Or what about the fact that he played lead Clarinet in the Wallasey Youth Orchestra?


Chris is a keen and competent cook for both dinner parties and family catering, but most of the team are still waiting for an invite! He attended Manchester University and never moved back to his home in the Wirral and started life as a research scientist (Experimental Petrology) but got bored…we can see why! Chris claims to be a long-time amateur photographer who likes the technology, but lacks the patience, although he is also an avowed Tech Nerd and has a house that is so smart, it talks to itself all day.


He’s been married 40+ years and if you’ve seen his photo you can see he was obviously a child bride! A proud father, with his two grown children both high achievers and so he must have done something right to get them off the payroll and self-sufficient.

Meet Matt ...
His Top of the Pops days are over, but his music lives on!

Matt Tedstone is the Commercial Director of PRIMED.


But if you really want to get to know Matt then;

The “King of the Analogy” at PRIMED! Matt is a Stafford lad, who moved to Manchester in the Mid 80’s and he wasn’t always a master of providing technology based solutions, oh no! Actually our colleague’s claim to fame is that he was lead singer of the last band to be signed to Factory records, The Adventure Babies! There are a few dodgy videos floating around Facebook of their gigs at some festivals, well worth watching!


He’s one of four brothers, but Matt was the only one that did not become a lawyer. He’s an incredible family man, married his half Trinidadian half Macedonian wife in 2008, they have a daughter at University and twins boys about to start their A levels. Matt was a founding director of Clarity Technology back in 1990 which sold in 1998 with revenues of over £230m. What you need to know about is his passion for football, he actually played football every week for 30 years until the lockdown of the coronavirus hit the UK in March 2020, that doesn’t mean he was very good or very fit, he just played football! Matt has been a Man Utd Season ticket holder since the last year of Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign and now has the pleasure of going to the games with his sons. This man has an excellent memory, he’s super sharp unless you ask him to remember where he left his keys or his phone, then his mind is usually a blank.

Feel free to say hello

PRIMED assist with all of the critical elements related to change, regulation and assurance.

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