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Operational Resilience Mapping

A simple and cost effective way to deliver a

detailed and sustainable operational resilience plan.

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An Operational Resilience plan is about knowing that the value of the business is protected.

It defines your company's ability to insulate itself against the significant erosion of value that might be caused by service disruption in the event that circumstances challenge the ability of critical services to function.


It is critical to maintain an accurate perspective of the risk and vulnerabilities that relate to critical services. Furthermore it is critical to understand how these services are enabled by process, technology, suppliers and facilities, their exposure to risk and the capabilities that need to be in place to deal with the risks materialising.

Challenges include:

  • To maintain an accurate perspective of the risks.

  • Obtain a joined up picture of how those critical services are supported.

  • Stay on top of change and risk from multiple vectors.

Collect, Connect and Reflect.

PRIMED enables you to connect multiple data points and bring them together into a single easy to understand and sustainable picture.​

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