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Enhancing the capabilities of subject matter experts

through the PRIMED platform..

Collaboration between a platform and subject matter experts
At PRIMED we realised that we have something very special, a platform with multiple capabilities to provide solutions to some of the big challenges facing businesses today.


However the challenge facing us, how to make sure we address as many of those issues facing multiple industry sectors without over-stretching our own ability. 

So, we made a strategic decision to maximise the many capabilities of the agile platform by developing multiple partnerships with subject matter experts, professionals in their own disciplines with a customer base facing their own challenges.

We work with our partners to define the challenges their customers face and tailor the PRIMED platform to provide the solutions. And here are three examples of subject matter expert partners we are working with today.


1.  Payments Specialists

A critical aspect of any payment company is to ensure that it is complying with the rules laid down by the card companies whose continued support is the lifeblood of their existence. There are many rules covering multiple aspects and there is an enormous amount of controls to track and check. With different levels of scrutiny required of the customer dependent on industrial classification, geographical coverage and trading history, it is important to be able to ensure that the right controls are in place and that they always are being followed, to the letter! There are rules that govern security, money laundering, data protection and brand utilisation and more often than not, every control that the company has in place needs to consider the rules of more than one card company which themselves are subject to change and international variance.


Consultants whose specific role it is to help payment companies manage these rules effectively often work internationally and traditionally, they are on-site. However, in today’s Covid-19 world, with travel and office working restricted, this presents a new challenge. The complexity and cross mapping of rules and the challenge of remote working, were just some of the reasons why PRIMED was selected by one of the foremost experts in this space to help them adapt their business model to allow remote working and begin to offer a more cost effective and sustainable way of reporting compliance.  


Engaging with PRIMED means that our partner will be able to:


  • Work remotely to provide assurance and diagnosis

  • Empower customers to automate the process of managing and recording all the periodic checks and document reviews that are required to ensure and evidence compliance

  • Enable their customers to receive a better service, delivered remotely, more efficiently and with an output that offers an altogether more sustainable and cost effective oversight methodology

  • Track the changing rules of the card companies and offer advice on where and how those rule changes will impact existing controls every time a new one is announced.

2. Change Specialists

Our second example partner, is a change consultant with expertise in international law and change and he was presented with the challenge, defining new operating procedures and laws to meet the stringent requirements of the EU.

With a requirement to capture the protocols and organisational constructs of a Nation State’s existing Emergency Services call handling and response against EU requirements.

​He turned to PRIMED to assist with providing the solution to the considerable task of GAP analysis.


This is an enormous challenge that could have been overwhelming if it were not for the ability of PRIMED to consume the necessary data, provide the ability to quickly search and map and analyse and for gaps to be indexed and presented through simple dashboards. However, this is not the only benefit, the output that PRIMED is able to support will also enable the country to make decisions about priority, cost and approach and the monitor execution the detailed plans as it first prepares and then makes the many necessary adjustments to bring procedures in line to where they need to be for entry into the EU.

3. ISO27001 Standards

Partner number 3 is a specialist in Information Security and GRC consultancy and they were looking for a way to reduce the overhead that a large customer was experiencing in managing the on-going governance of the ISO 2700 standard.


They recognised that if this could be done in a way that Risk and Compliance teams could automate the orchestration of all the many checks required and observe the status of every control through a simple set of intuitive dashboards, this would lower the barrier to entry for those seeking to become ISO 2700 accredited and at the same dramatically reduce the cost of on-going governance and certification renewal. Working closely together to agree and build what was required, it was a relatively easy task to upload the ISO rules into PRIMED, provide the relevant mapping and add the workflow to support.


The result was dramatic, a system that the customer could just pick up and use. Now instead of being the role of an individual to manage the many checks and chase the many answers required to maintain compliance, the system automatically initiates the checks and furnishes the evidence against each control, enabling the compliance teams within the customer to focus only on exceptions with everything else covered by the system. The speed that we were able to travel from first discussion to first customer is a reflection and the partner’s skill ability to articulate the challenge and, on the ability, PRIMED to build the information architecture required to support it.


These are some examples of our ability to enhance the capabilities of subject matter experts through the PRIMED platform and we'd welcome a discussion with you if you’d like to know how you can access the power of PRIMED.

Gain insight. Get control.


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