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Our mission is to improve the lives of change and compliance professionals by making it easy to establish a connected perspective, automate and orchestrate reporting, and deliver and record the detail through dashboards.

Featured Use Cases

It is critical to maintain an accurate perspective of the risks and vulnerabilities that relate to critical services; and how these services are enabled by process, technology, suppliers and facilities, their exposure to risk and the capabilities that need to be in place to deal with the risks materialising.

Operational Resilience

With more than 100 different controls to consider touching almost every element of the business, achieving the IS027001 Standard requires a systematic approach to the way that information is collected and connected, responsibilities are managed and information is checked, recorded and reported.

ISO 27001

Execute your regulatory transformation initiatives in a more controlled, transparent and cost-effective manner while enhancing your overall initiatives. PRIMED helps with all aspects of the regulation - including strategy and governance, accountability and transparency, and breach and risk management.


PRIMED allows you to quickly create and oversee a picture of each individual components of a strategy portfolio and using easily administered email survey capture and present intuitive interrogable updates that enable stakeholders to cut through the noise and see the facts as they are delivered on a regular basis with minimal overhead or fuss.

Consumer Duty -Continuous Improvement

Capturing business processes & hierarchy and allowing opportunity and risk to be captured in relation to either the process of the individual step, and mapping the opportunity to a root cause. Using a variety of workflow options, information can be passed through a structured process, engaging stakeholders through secure email.

Strategic Change

PRIMED offers a solution to two perennial challenges: (a) a simple way of streamlining the mapping and reporting process to reduce analysis time by up to 50%, and (b) a way to move subsequent information through a process in order to realise its ultimate value and address the problem or opportunity that has been identified.

Root Cause Analysis
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