The very nature of PRIMED and the mission of its creators is to empower the user. 

PRIMED can easily be configured by you or with standard stock to support any industry or service, and economically supports any user base; offering demonstrable value from the off.

If you need to discover, collect, connect, analyse and report. If you want to profile, apply context and rules. If you are in the business or have the requirement to create and maintain an information architecture or framework, then PRIMED is the answer.


For example it has been used to:

Help a business towards GDPR compliance

  • Establish a list of owners and stewards and the processes they preside over … connect

  • Upload the inventory of assets that enable those processes … connect

  • Discover the policies in scope of GDPR, analyse the controls, connect to the regulation and newly connect business inventory

  • Connect the change agenda to the newly connected business inventory

  • Simply create a data privacy impact assessment and connect to a workflow that collects more of the facts, validate, attest and view through dashboards.

Build and deliver a new target operating model

  • Quickly establish a picture (deep and wide) of the existing business landscape

  • Create a capability model and map it to the business landscape

  • Profile the areas in scope of change to understand cost components, risk and opportunity

  • Plan, track and manage the adjustments with traceability and transparency

  • Pivot and adjust with certainty and economically by applying different lenses through the Information Framework.

Digitise an ISO accreditation service

  • Build a standard set of ISO controls aligned to the Standards

  • Create a discovery workflow and distribution mechanism to remotely ‘fact find’ and map ‘As Is’ to target capabilities

  • Create and align output to a pre-configured risk framework

  • Automate the tracking of remediation and reporting

  • Automated on-going attestation and presentation of progress through interrogable dashboards.

Build a TCO to validate a Cloud Migration business case

  • Quickly establish a cost profile framework

  • Upload/Create Application inventory

  • Create a discovery workflow and distribution mechanism to remotely ‘fact find’ and build a deeper picture of the technical architecture and cost components

  • Map technical components to contract / suppliers and run deeper clause analysis

  • Apply a ‘To Be’ cost framework based on consumption and surface the ‘Case’ for change

  • Capture ‘Tech Debt’ as a risk type and build remediation cost components.

Other use case examples include:


  • Mapping user journeys to business capabilities for digital transformations

  • Connecting ‘Change’ portfolios to KPI, KRA, KBO and Strategy

  • Compliance management across any standard and regulation

  • Canned mapping of all Data Privacy to standard practice controls for accelerated global compliance

  • Business continuity and resilience mapping and tracking

  • Bottom up meets top down risk oversight

  • Return to work management with traceable implementation of reasonable steps

  • Supplier reviews and audits…in fact any type of audit!

... and so many more


If you need a Connected Perspective, then PRIMED is the answer.

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