PRIMED announce partnership with PMC Expert

Author: Matt Tedstone

We are delighted to announce a formal partnership agreement between PMC Expert and PRIMED at the same time heartily congratulating our friends on the extension of their Serbian Government project to establish the Design, Legal and Operating Model for a modern  EU compliant 112 system in Serbia…

PRIMED announce partnership with
Net-Defence, focusing on ISO27001.

Author: Nick Price

PRIMED is the software platform designed to help Change and Compliance Professionals establish a connected perspective. We are growing our capability daily and doing so by engaging with ‘subject matter experts’ across various disciplines and providing our partnership network with the tools to make them even more effective…

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention.

Author: Matt Tedstone

Let us hope that we will not see a "mother" this sizeable again in our lifetimes. The variables and potential outcomes are impossible to process and both socially and economically, things are going to be extremely tough for many of us for quite some time…

Twisted Staircase
Reimagining the 'Post-Pandemic Organisation' 
– there’s work to do!

Author: Matt Tedstone

When you live in the world of change or regulation you become accustomed to seeing a business like an architect would see a building, in all its constituent parts…

Collaboration between a platform and Subject Matter Experts

Author: Matt Tedstone

At PRIMED we realised that we have something very special, a platform with multiple capabilities to provide solutions to some of the big challenges facing businesses today. However the challenge facing us, how to make sure we address as many of those issues facing multiple industry sectors without over-stretching our own ability...

”Sustainable Compliance - Seven Steps Towards
Effectiveness and Efficiency" (McKinsey)

PRIMED has been designed from inception to address issues such as the ones highlighted by McKinsey - enabling you to quickly baseline your governance stance, and to move forward with confidence and repeatable success and efficiency.

Cloud migration - Easy to talk about
but not always easy to deliver the value

Author: Nick Price

You wouldn't go off in to the wilderness without a map would you? You wouldn't dare risk encountering the dangers of a journey to some far off mountain range, with so many hidden risks lying around every corner and yet, not be fully prepared before you set off to tackle them…

Could “Reasonable steps” be the first
steps in the journey to great strides?

Author: Nick Price

Those involved will be aware that the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM & CR) has a requirement to detail the reasonable steps that are being taken by the business to ensure regulatory compliance and insulate it from risk. 


This may appear like just another burdensome annual obligation that is solely about keeping the regulator satisfied, with no direct business benefit.


However, there is another way of looking at it…

GDPR: A vehicle to the promised land

Author: Matt Tedstone

Whilst DPOs are aware of the regulatory requirement to maintain a clear joined up picture of inventory and its alignment with policies, controls and accountability, outside the bubble of GDPR there will be many yet to realise the wider benefits that capturing this information in a joined-up way presents…

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