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A simple and cost effective way to 

deliver and maintain ISO27k certification.

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Reduce the cost and accelerate the path to achieving the ISO 27000 Standard.

The ISO 27000 series, is a Global Recognised Security Standard containing a series of documented best practices to help organisations deliver and evidence information security excellence.


With a hundred and fourteen different controls to consider touching almost every element of the business, to achieve the IS027001 Standard requires a systematic approach to the way that information is collected and connected, responsibilities are managed and information is checked, recorded and reported.

How do you..:

  • Establish a joined-up picture.

  • Maintain an accurate perspective of security risks and controls.

  • Manage and report on the many checks and protocols.

Designed by experts in ISO27001, PRIMED offers:

  • An accelerated path to ISO accreditation

  • With digital to-do-lists

  • Document Management

  • Progress and Status Dashboards

  • A streamlined and automated approach to achieving and maintaining the ISO 27001 standard

  • Calendar Driven Oversight Workflow

  • Responsibility Management & Reporting

  • Expert guidance within the system.

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