Simple Governance Solutions for Complex Governance Challenges

It has never been easier to make ISO 27001 simpler with a connected perspective and workflow automation.


The ISO 27001 Security Standard is a badge that organisations carry with pride. It helps customers build trust and win new business, reduces the threat of data breaches and financial loss.


It offers the guidance and provides a foundation to manage change and distribute responsibility more effectively and ensures the business is meeting its commercial, contractual and legal obligations.

For good reason, the administrative requirements ISO 27001 places on a business for capturing, reviewing and collating information and managing and recording all the many checks it prescribes has traditionally meant that the cost of acquiring and keeping the badge has made it a barrier to entry for some and a necessary overhead for others.

Equally, with so many detailed controls relating to so many parts of the business, managing the change control can be troublesome, especially in times like these.

PRIMED for a connected perspective.

To address these challenges and make life easier for professionals with responsibility for it, PRIMED is changing the way you can manage the ISO standard.

With PRIMED you can:

  • Automate checks and reminders, and provide calendar driven workflow

  • Record activity in its ISO and business context with reminders and escalation that drive timely, targeted remediation

  • Orchestrate and Track the status of the multiple responses required so that you can see where you are in the process with ease

  • Capture and manage documents, suppliers, contracts

  • Record and manage change

  • See the detail through Dashboards.

PRIMED can also help manage wider risks such as Covid-Safe Working Practices, GDPR and other business risks; capturing not only the information about the risk but also the process, asset or supplier it relates to.

Trust the experts and release the Power of PRIMED for ISO 27001.

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