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Simple governance solutions 
for complex governance challenges.


Data Cloud
PRIMED for better regulatory compliance and transformation

PRIMED helps companies execute their regulatory transformation initiatives in a more controlled, transparent and cost-effective manner while enhancing overall Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) initiatives.


  • Establish a clear picture

  • Manage risk and prioritisation, and build an effective plan

  • Build a framework for sustainable governance.

PRIMED benefits:

Strategy and Governance

  • End-to-end oversight across company-wide processes, assets and suppliers and their compliance to GDPR’s Articles

  • Cost and Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) from the perspective of the Chief Data Officer (CDO).

Accountability and Transparency

  • Single holistic view across all stakeholders

  • Owner-specific views of the data associated to their sphere of accountability or responsibility

  • Pivot across GDPR criteria against accountability owner, asset, process, supplier or contract.


GDPR Compliance

  • Processes, assets and suppliers can be collectively or individually viewed for their status against specific GDPR criteria

  • Certificates of relevance and compliance can be tagged and validated to assets, processes suppliers or contracts

  • Specific processes such as “Right to be Forgotten”, “72 Significant breach notification” or new process creation can be established, managed and reviewed within the audit-able framework.


Breach and Risk Management

  • Remediation plans (with owners) can be attributed and managed directly

  • Breach management processes can be created in advance of specific incidents

  • Breach incident tickets can be raised and tracked through the relevant breach management process(es)

  • Risks can be raised and managed by type, severity and association.

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