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PRIMED for agile change governance
Effective, agile transformation in any environment but particularly in a regulated environment must always start with governance.


In order to empower the business to engage in multiple different compliant and cohesive transformation activities a central reference point is required.

This will help all stakeholders to understand the wider context of any proposed activity, capture necessary standards and ensure policies are adhered to as well as provide a central repository for decision making, risk and benefit analysis.

Work will be required to do this but if done correctly it will make an enormous difference to the speed of decision making, efficiency of reporting, and the level of policy and program control.

Three elements are required to achieve this:
  • A three dimensional map of the operational environment, and the programs and policies that relate to it.

  • A governance charter and contextual view of prescribed decision making protocols, including who should be involved, in what circumstance and at what level.

  • A reporting framework detailing the level and frequency of input required, and the nature of output by stakeholder.

Once this overarching framework is created everything becomes a lot easier. Stakeholders can be informed and consulted appropriately, dependencies can be monitored, aggregated benefits can be estimated and tracked and policy can be applied by design.​

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