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PRIMED | A Connected Perspective
Collect, Connect, Reflect.

Establish a connected perspective, automate and orchestrate reporting, and deliver and record the detail through dashboards.

The PRIMED platform
PRIMED is a software platform designed to help change and compliance professionals establish a connected perspective.


It removes or dramatically reduces the administrative burden of information gathering and gap analysis and helps deliver radically more efficient and sustainable on-going oversight. 

It does this by enabling organisations to capture an integrated picture of the business in the context of change and or regulation, systemise and automate workflow orchestration to manage surveys and reviews and record information in its regulatory, change or business context, and presenting the results in detail through dashboards.


The speed in which this can be done makes it possible for PRIMED to be used economically in the short or long term to simplify, augment and dramatically improve the efficiency of discovery, gap analysis, governance and reporting.

Use Cases include:


OpRes | ISO 27001 | GDPR | Continuous Improvement | SM&CR | Strategic Change | Root Cause Analysis 

PRIMED video:


From concept to reality

An idea to make life easier for colleagues on a complex programme turned into a model that solves problems for many.


You just need a connected perspective.

The Approach

The platform is flexible and easy to work with and we pride ourselves in being the same. At the front and centre of what we do is partnering; and today we are helping change and compliance professionals all over Europe get quick results and achieve long-term benefits with a joined up picture for a more efficient and certain future.

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Based in the UK but working globally, let PRIMED help you achieve a connected perspective.

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We love to hear peoples' challenges and demonstrate how a connected perpective can help.

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